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Your Soil Matters w/ Contiuum Ag - Mitchell Hora

Episode Summary

Fresh on to the Forbes 30 under 30 list and excited to be a part of this podcast episode. Mitchell Hora share his experiences with understanding soil nutrients and the productivity potential they have. His profit boosting advice is just what we needed to share with you!

Episode Notes

Mitchell Hora


What is Continuum Ag?


What is Ecosystem Service Market Consulting?


Our listeners listen to us to be entertained but also to learn how their farms can improve profitability.  What do you guys do to help improve yield and profitability?


What are some key ways to begin improving Profitability?


Tell us more about the TopSoil Tool 


How are you saving more than $112.42 per acre on fertilizer? (Amount from his website)


What is your recommended soil sampling method?

A lot of the talks that you give and content that you produce is focused on regenerative farming practices.  As part of your role and your company do you help others with their farming practices?


What is the process to getting started?

  1. Fill out your farmer profile on TopSoil.
  2. Meeting with your customer success representative to understand objectives.
  3. Delivery of Regen Roadmap, detailing recommended practices.
  4. Monthly check-in from your customer success representative – continually updating profile.
  5. Annual review to highlight value and plan next season.


What’s the latest insight you can provide us on the carbon credit market place?


If listeners haven’t signed up for a program yet, what suggestions do you have for them?


What do you think the future holds for carbon credits and farming practices?


What is the best advice you have every been given?