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What to Avoid Doing : Legacy Farmer

Episode Summary

We steal Jace away from his over 300+ clients to share with you 5 tips. The 5 tips are of things not to do in order to keep your farm in great position for many generations to come. Listen in as we explore what not to do and then explain how you can avoid it.

Episode Notes

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5 ways to ruin your family farm                          

Jace Young, our Founder and CEO, is a Western Kansas Farm Kid and Ex-Ag Banker turned Entrepreneur focused on helping American Farmers and Ranchers build an organized, structured, and profitable operation that they can one day pass onto their children and grandchildren.  As an Ag Loan Officer where he realized that very few Farmers had the financial organization, structure, and systems in place that would help their farms survive and thrive for generations to come. Today, he works to help Farmers streamline the entire financial side of their operation so that they leave behind a profitable and sustainable Farm Operation