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Understanding the ROI of Cattle Buildings

Episode Summary

Bill Rubis of TenCorp, INC swings in studio as a much requested guest to educate us on all things cattle feeding facilities. We talk everything from open lots to deep pitted barns. Hang on through the end of the episode as we talk about the supply chain and future of beef processing as well!

Episode Notes

Cattle Barns

Bill Rubis – Vice President at TenCorp, INC In 2010, they designed and built our first deep-pit cattle barn.

Exploring the profitability of feeding cattle in confinement settings.

As the cattle production industry has evolved over the years, there has been a significant shift to feeding cattle indoors.Just like no two cattle operations are the same, confinement buildings come in all shapes and sizes.  Typically, they can be divided into a few broad categories.  

One major difference is the manure handling style: 

The other key feature is the roof shape.  Cattle buildings usually have one of three roof types: 

Why should our listeners look into confinement feeding for cattle?

What are some draw backs from confinement feeding?

Let’s now look more indepth to the types of barns you build the most of – the deep-pit barn. What are some benefits over others?      

The benefits of this type of deep-pit cattle barn include:

What are the features of TenCorp, Inc. Standard Barns:

Pen Configurations

Now cattle feeders don’t just need a good confinement to maximize their efficiency.We also need to be able to provide top quality feed to the cattle.  Why is this important?

Every cattle production site needs to be able to properly store commodities for use in their operation

What else are we missing for our listeners to learn or know about feeding cattle in confinements?

What’s the useful life of the buildings?

How do we work around regulations locally getting permits to build these?

What does the future of EPA regulations or methane emissions look like for farmers?

Anything else?

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