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Understanding Chips and Tuning for Diesel Motors w/ Steinbauer

Episode Summary

We first get a machinery market trend update from TractorZoom and then jump into getting a better understanding of tuning equipment. How can we safely get more horsepower and gain efficiencies without having to purchase the larger equipment? We explore the answer to that question and more!

Episode Notes

The Farm Equipment Market Trends segment is sponsored by Tractor Zoom. T.J. Masker, VP of Product Development at Tractor Zoom, answers another frequently asked question he hears from farmers, "what will my combine be worth 5 years from now?" and discusses the main methods to consider when trying to understand future value:

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Chips and Tuning – Directly effecting the bottom line of farming

Guest : Sherie Dooly-Jones

                  Site Manager for the USA for Steinbauer Engineering Public Relations and Human Resources Manager