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Traits of Top Performing Farmers

Episode Summary

Discussing the effects of early planted soybeans and the traits we have observed the top performing farmers in our network have. We then layout how these traits boost farm profitability while sharing how we will tackle each one in future episodes.

Episode Notes

What the Top Tier of farmers are doing (Episode #1)
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What’s working for Ag – listener or farmer feedback
Early Planted Beans
Yields were similar of better than that of those planted later I the area in 2018
Were able to finish the bean planting or get progress ahead of normal pace
Allowed for corn to be planted into optimal conditions
Is custom hired spraying pre-emergent you weren’t competing with other producers for sprayer time.
Didn’t have to switch out plates from the planter from the end of last spring.
Top 20% - high level of future podcasts
Plans, Agendas, Budgets (future)x
Review & Update Frequently
Know their cost of production (Future)x
They understand their financial position
Have created an advisory team (Future)
Who should be on it
Accountant, Agronomist, Banker, Financial Advisor, commodities broker, livestock buyer, business owner, Peer Experience, Technology, Lawyer, Landlord? and more
How often do you meet
Are you willing to set it up as a board with voting structure
You make the recommendations and take to a vote or discussion
Be proactive (Future)
Successful farms don’t see themselves as the victims
Take on problems as challenges
Work to predict problems and prevent
Don’t get surprised and take things in stride
Get better before they get bigger
Focus on making the most out of every acre
Use technology to gain efficiencies (future)
Become a great leader by bettering themselves and setting examples (future)
They put time and priority into running their farms (focus)
Always learning
Great start, you’ve tuned in to check us out
Attend conferences (future)
Read news letters
Networking group and advisory team
Be in a room where you know the least (future) Steve Jobs quote?
Many CEO’s in very successful businesses live by the idea of surrounding themselves with people who have greater skills or knowledge than they do. Whether it is specific to a skill or understanding by being with them you can learn to grow in your knowledge and abilities.
Listen more than you speak when with these people. Immediately write down and reflect on your time spent with these people
Don’t spend what they don’t have
Or what they don’t have a clear ability to pay for
Top performing farmers and business owners have plans and understand the financial position of their business. They work to be proactive in their thought processes and share those with an advisory team. The top performers are always learning and focusing on bettering themselves before expecting others to change.
Look at yourself and your farming operation. Which of these characteristics or practices do you already have in place? Which areas could you use work on? Now which concept above could be the easiest for you to implement next? Our challenge is then for you to start practicing that in the next week. Then tune in to the next episodes as we will share ways to make the process of adopting those tips and techniques a little easier. Remember most of the time we are the most critical of that which we don’t understand. Rather than criticize something be curious and see if you can learn more about it.
Conference Update
December 6th, 2019
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