Farm4Profit Podcast

To Lease or Not to Lease...That is the Question!

Episode Summary

We learn about the new Brandt XT Series grain carts just ahead of tackling the question most farms encounter. When looking at a new piece of equipment; should we lease, buy, or hire someone else to do it? TJ Masker, known as @AgTechTed from TractorZoom joins us to help incorporate data behind making that decision.

Episode Notes


Tanner, Corey, and David make a great team and do a great job of integrating a variety of topics into their podcast. If you’re passionate about agriculture you’ll enjoy their show.

What’s Working in AG – Brandt – Hans

Main topic – Making Equipment Choices – Topic suggested by Listener Andrew Duff from NE Iowa

Buying new vs repairing and upgrading old vs leasing vs custom hire

table 1