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The Grow Room: Ag Innovation w/ Indoor Farming

Episode Summary

This episode, we delve into their mission to bring the community the freshest, locally grown food through innovative indoor farming. Join us as we discuss their journey, from surviving the pandemic to their exciting future plans. Our guests, Annie and Huey Boelen, share remarkable stories of resilience and passion in the world of indoor agriculture.

Episode Notes

Clayton Farms

Airing 7/24/23

Guest: Clayton Mooney

Before becoming a co-founder of Clayton Farms, Mooney was a professional poker player in Ireland before returning to the state looking for opportunities to work for or found a start-up. He was a founder of KinoSol, which made solar food dehydrators, then connected with Pool to found Nebullam, now Clayton Farms. He now serves as an entrepreneur in residence with Start Something College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) 

Guest: Huey Boelen - Huey B Cool

            Immigrant from the Netherlands, former cricket and dairy farmer, lover of social media and great stories, and a great friend of Farm4Profit.