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Episode Summary

So much in this episode! First we learn about have the Growers App can help us be more efficient when shopping for inputs. Then we travel through the equipment journey from performance upgrade kits for planters and sprayers as well as what autonomy has in store for us in the future. You won't want to turn this one off!

Episode Notes

MATT OLSON – Precision Ag Go-to-Market with the John Deere

Agriculture & Turf Division.

Matt has been the go-to-market manager since January 2017 and has 16

years of Precision Ag experience with John Deere. In addition to his role at

John Deere, he actively participates in their row crop, cattle and hog

operation in North Central Iowa. Matt joined Deere & Company in May 2002

and has held numerous positions in finance, sales and marketing. In addition

to his experiences within the Ag and Turf Division, he also has held several

positions within John Deere Financial.

Currently, Matt is responsible marketing equipment and technology solutions

to help farmers increase yields, decrease costs and increase the efficiency of

the work they do. Matt enjoys working on the family farm, fitness, technology,

and travel. Matt graduated from Drake University with a B.S degree in

Accounting and an M.B.A., also from Drake University.

Topic: Matt would like to discuss Data; Data collection, Data

management, Data insights, etc.

1. Commodity prices have risen, input prices have risen, markets are going

to change. How can John Deere help farmers prepare in advance for

economic changes?

2. John Deere just introduced their new G5 Universal displays. How can

farmers use these on equipment they already own? Are they preloaded

with software?

a. One change with the new displays is that G5Plus includes

AutoTrac, Documentation, and now Section Control in base,

simplifying the purchase experience.

b. With the G5 Advanced package, farmers can boost their in-field

productivity and performance with automation features that

include AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, AutoPath™, Machine

Sync, and In-field Data Sharing.


3. Farmers should be gathering as much data as possible they can make

the best-informed decisions possible – “If you can’t measure it you can’t

manage it”. What are some ways farmers can collect all the data that’s


a. Today’s machines can document more than what most farmers

are documenting.

b. Experts say it takes 3 to 5 years of good ag data to really make

informed decisions about their operations.


4. What are some tools John Deere offers to bring in data from a mixed


5. What’s John Deere doing to make its precision-ag technology easy to


6. Once machine or agronomic data is in the Operations Center – what can

farmers do with it?

7. How can tools in the Operations Center like “Work Planner” be used to

streamline their farm?


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8. Let’s talk about the connection between data and the operation of the


9. What are some steps farmers can be taking right now to prepare for

more automation or even autonomy?

10. How does automation or autonomy lead to increased farm profitability?

Ryan Jardon - Large Tractors & Tillage Go to Market Manager

Ryan is responsible for growing the John Deere Large Tractor and Tillage

equipment and technology business in North America.  Ryan develops

tactical strategies that enable John Deere dealers to best serve their

customers.  In his role he collaborates closely with tractor & tillage factory

teams as well as other strategic groups like Training, Advertising, Order

Fulfillment, and Pricing & Incentives.

Ryan grew up on a farm in southwest Iowa and began his career with John

Deere in 2010.  He has had varying roles of increasing responsibility during

his time at John Deere, primarily centered around building better large ag

products and building increasingly more capable John Deere dealers to sell

and support those products.  Ryan is a graduate of Iowa State University

where he earned a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Systems Technology and an

MBA from the University of Iowa.

Topic: Ryan would like to discuss some of the important Model Year 24

tractor updates John Deere just announced. This includes an autonomy

prep option and implement ethernet.

1. What’s new for Model Year 24 John Deere row-crop tractors?

a. John Deere is making precision ag easier to use, and more

accurate. It also helps you get ready for the future of precision ag

with the autonomy prep and implement ethernet.

2. For tractors specifically, what are some ways John Deere is making

precision ag technology easier for farmers to use?

3. John Deere has an autonomous tractor/tillage solution on display here at

Commodity Classic

a. What is this autonomous solution and how does it work?

b. How does an autonomous tractor help farmers address some of

the economic challenges on their farm.


4. In the product announcement you talk about the Autonomy Prep Option.

Tell us more about this. What is it and why would a customer want to

order it?

5. What is the Implement Ethernet option?

6. Could also discuss TruSet Active tillage technology if there is time. This

is an example of making machines smarter and automating different

decisions points. It’s another piece that helps get farmers ready to take

advantage of autonomy.

7. John Deere already has things like AutoTrac guidance, AutoTrac Turn

Automation, and AutoPath – these are all “automation” examples. Is this

technology that’s already on existing machines or something that can be

easily added?

8. John Deere autonomous technology includes a perception system that

looks for anomalies in the field. What happens when this system finds

something? How are farmers alerted. What actions can farmers take

after these anomalies are found?




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JORDAN LANG - Performance Upgrade Marketing Manager

Jordan is responsible for growing the John Deere Performance Upgrade Kit

business. Jordan leads a team of field specialists responsible for growing

both sales and dealer engagement, as well as go-to-market activities and

marketing of the business.

Jordan grew up on a farm in central Iowa and began his career with John

Deere in 2011. He has had held roles in the John Deere Ag and Turf Division

as well as Construction and Forestry Division. Jordan is a graduate of Luther

College in Decorah, Iowa where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and


Topic: Jordan would like to discuss John Deere’s new See & Spray

Premium performance upgrade kits now being offered to farmers.

1. John Deere just introduced a See & Spray Premium performance

upgrade kit.

2. We will get into that in a minute, but first tell us about John Deere See &

Spray technology. How does it work and what are some of the

advantages it brings to the table for farmers?

3. Ok so how can farmers who already have a newer John Deere self-

propelled sprayer take advantage of See & Spray technology? (With a

See & Spray Premium Performance Upgrade kit of course!)

4. See & Spray Premium is the next addition to the See & Spray lineup. It’s

a performance upgrade kit that can be installed on John Deere self-

propelled sprayers.

5. How old of John Deere sprayer can be upgraded?

a. This is a great option for farmers who are happy with their

current sprayers, or who maybe recently traded into a sprayer

but it still helps them be able to take advantage of the latest

technology that can help them reduce their chemical usage and

lower their input costs.

b. Does the sprayer’s boom or nozzles need to also be updated?

6. If I retrofit my sprayer with See & Spray Premium what are some of my

weed control options if I’m a corn, soybean or cotton producer?

7. What kind of chemical savings might a typical corn or soybean grower be

looking at if they used this technology?

8. What’s the difference between See & Spray Premium and See & Spray


9. Tell us about some of the data collection and mapping features that See

& Spray Premium offers. What are some things farmers can do with this

information to make their farms more profitable.

10. Another component to See & Spray Premium is the technology that

stabilizes the sprayer boom as it moves through the field. Tell us about

BoomTrac Pro 2.0.