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Top Advice for Farmers w/ Robert Saik

Episode Summary

NACADE conference Jan 17-19 for tickets ROBERT SAIK has forty years of experience as a Professional Agrologist, entrepreneur and an international consultant. Robert, an outspoken champion of agriculture has been hailed as an agriculture futurist with unparalleled insight into where the industry is headed. He has leveraged these strengths to found over 15 companies. Currently he’s the founder and CEO of AGvisorPRO, a platform that “uberizes” knowledge and wisdom, enabling farmers to instantaneously connect with agriculture experts worldwide. • Annnd today he is here today to help us review part of the answers we obtained from our guests throughout the entire year of 2022 to the question “What is the best advice you have ever been given?” Who better than to helps us review these answers that someone who founded a company based around being the uber for agriculture advice!

Episode Notes

Have Faith in Tomorrow

10/17/22 – Mon – F4P – E97 (E221) – Re-Train your brain for Success – Pastor Ashley Lentz, 

            Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’s all small stuff really.  Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take

           care of itself.  Be the thermostat, not the thermometer.  Remember to dream, it’s not a bad thing.


6/2/22 Th – F4F – E171 (E182) – Zoe Kent 

            I wish I knew it was all going to work out. (As her dad has said)  It’s all good now.


9/15/22 – Th – F4F – E186 (E215) - Larson Farms - Chet Larson, Dougo and Big Swede Farm Progress Show

               Dougo - (Best Advice ever given?) Find something that isn't a job.  Make your career in life something you love.               Find someone who wants help and let them give you a chance.


Failure is an Option

5/9/22 – F4F  - E169– Ryan Roossinck - Beer Money Pulling Team and TractorZoom

I wish I had known it was ok to fail.  I wasted so much of my life and my opportunities, because I was striving for the perfect, instead of the good.  Life ain’t perfect and neither are you!  So stop wasting time trying to be perfect while opportunities pass you by.


8/25/22 – Th – F4F – E183 (E206) – Zach Haase –

            Disaster does not define you.  It’s a lesson. Don’t repeat your mistake twice.


5/23/22 – F4F – E170 (E180) – The Famer Jon – Jon Dinsmore

It’s ok to expect failure.  Life is happening so fast, it’s ok to fail.  Just because you fail, don’t stop.  Everyone that is successful has failed, but they didn’t stop. 


8/1/22 - Mon - F4P - E86 (E199) - Jace Young - What to Avoid Doing: Legacy Farmer

            99% of success is found in learning what not to do. (author, Keith Cunningham)  It's not from people's wins that

            we learn. It's from their losses that can really save us in the long run.  Share what's NOT working, so others can

            learn from you.  Share your mistakes. "Greatness is not a destination, it's a journey that never ends."


11/28/22 – Mon – F4P – E103 (E233) Improve/Rehab Livestock Facilities – Nick Stellern Integrity Builders & Supply

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and fail.There’s a lot to be learned from failing.  You make some of your best decisions after you’ve made mistakes.  If you make the same mistake twice, you’ll learn even quicker…I hope.


Try Something New

11/14/22 – Mon – F4P – E101 (E229) Kelly Garrett - High Yields, Plant Food and Direct Sale Beef Farm Progress Show

            You’ve got to be humble enough to realize that the yield limiting factor on your farm is probably you.

            If you don’t have 10 acres on your farm to experiment to get bigger yields, then you’re probably already broke.


8/22/22 – Mon – F4P – E89 (E205) – Benefits of Microbials in Livestock – Dr. Lisa Marotz, from Native Microbials

            Always get out of your comfort zone.  If you’re feeling too comfy and bored, it’s time to move!


8/18/22 – Th – F4F – E182 (E204) – Lane Gorrell

A quote from John Wayne – “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”  Live life as you want to live.  When it’s rough, keep your head up and thank the good Lord, and keep a positive mind.  Don’t let things get you down too bad.  You can have a bad day, but don’t let it ruin your life. 





8/11/22 – Th – F4F – E181 (E202) – Dwayne Faber –

At the end of life, when people look back on their life, they have regrets of ‘omission’ rather than of ‘commission’.Meaning – go out and live your life and take chances and do things that may be scary.  You’ll probably regret not doing things instead of doing things and possibly failing.


2/14/22 – F4F – E163 – Valentine’s Day Power Couple – Steven & Melissa Pierce

            Steven – I wish I knew things could be done differently than the way dad or gpa did them.  Just because it’s

always been done this way, doesn’t make it the best way.  Think outside the box and try different ways to 

do things.


1/3/22 - F4F - E160 - Tony Feed and friends - invited back 3 of the top 10 guests - 

Huey – Things take time, but you have time!  Do more things in your life; you can always change courses.


10/31/22 – Mon – F4P – E99 (E225) – Mitchell Hora – Contiuum Ag – Fresh on the Forbes 30 under 30 Farm Progress Show

Get the first check! Start small, try something new to get that first check.  Possibly try a new product, or new procedure, but make sure there’s a market.  After you get that first check, others come easier.In business and farming, figure out the first one, then rinse and repeat.


No One Else Defines Who You Are

6/16/22 Th - F4F – E173 (E186) - Breanna Mueller, Ag teacher (Gabby's first commercial for

            You can't let the way you grew up define what you want to do in the future.  If you're willing to work for it, go    out and get the knowledge and put yourself in different experiences.  You can do anything you want.  Your past       doesn't define your future.  Take control of what you want to do.


4/25/22 – F4F – F168 – New York Farm Girls! Evelyn (22), Claudia (19), JoJo (16)

Evelyn – I wish I knew about this podcast.  I have a 30 minute commute to work every day, and this is going to be my new thing.

Claudia – When you think of other people’s perception of you, and if you’re concerned about what other people are thinking about you, you’re never going to truly live your best life.  Have confidence in yourself, and it will take you to big places! Just trust to be yourself!


2/14/22 – F4F – E163 – Valentine’s Day Power Couple – Steven & Melissa Pierce

Melissa – I wish the things that you stressed out about when you were younger, I shouldn’t have worried about

them so much.Just do your best, and don’t stress.


1/3/22 - F4F - E160 - Tony Feed and friends - invited back 3 of the top 10 guests - 

            Justin – Don’t worry so much about what other people think.  I wish I wouldn’t have worried as long as I did

about other people.Be unapologetically yourself!


12/27/21 - F4P - E66 - Most Common Traits of Successful Farmers - Robert & Emily Sharkey

            2022 question-Rob - Don't criticize yourself so much; focus on what you do well; be more confident;


9/12/22 – Mon – F4P – E92 (E211) - Challenges of Farming with In-laws - Lauren Lundt - Iowa Farmer's Wife and

            Lauren - Stop looking out; turn and look into your own home.  If you compare yourself to everyone else, you'll   always feel like a failure.  Focus on yourself and your spouse, that's the only way to be happy.  Not all social            media platforms are real life.   


11/17/22  – Th – F4F – E195 (E230) Ag with Emma “43,560” square feet in an acre

            Best advice given – Always remember who you are, where you’re from and where you’re going.  Have fun!

            Best advice “observed” – Be yourself around others so they will be themselves around you.