Farm4Profit Podcast

The Challenges of Farming with In Laws

Episode Summary

Elaine Froese and Lauren Lundt join us to talk about the factors surrounding farming with in laws or the relationships of in laws while farming. Everyone has different ideas and perspectives and we hope after this episode you will have solutions to running a strong family farm.

Episode Notes

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Elaine Froese - Canada’s farm whisperer.

She’s your go-to expert for farm families who want better communication and conflict resolution to secure a successful farm transition. As a professional speaker, it’s my passion to share simple, practical and actionable tools with farm families so they can talk about tough issues and get traction in their farm transition.

Lauren McAuley Lundt – the Iowa Farmers Wife

Has been working on a passion project to put together an event to help farming families get professional help when it comes to family conflicts, communication barriers, and more.