Farm4Profit Podcast

Tackling SNIRT w/ the Stock Cropper Guys

Episode Summary

It's fun to talk with people who are looking to innovate the way we farm. This conversation has a conservation component to it and it also might challenge the way some of us think. As always we throw a little humor into the middle of it!

Episode Notes

Strip Cropping – Inter Cropping – Stock Cropping


Zack Smith - Zack is a 5th generation farmer located in northern Iowa.

Lance Peterson – designer of the stock cropper

Founders of the Stock Cropper is a new farming system that incorporates both crops and livestock in the field at the same time in a unique arrangement that leverages each off the other. 


Why should our listeners be excited for the conversation we are going to have today?

Slow runoff, Increase infiltration and/or groundwater recharge, Increase soil water retention, 
Filtration of pollutants, More sustainable agriculture, Prevention of biodiversity loss


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