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Swine Tech - Taking it to the Next Level

Episode Summary

The future of hog farming is bright. Innovations such as Swine Tech will effect more than just the farrowing side of the hog industry. It will expand beyond swine in general. We talk with Barrett and Matt in studio about their awesome journey and their impact on agriculture.

Episode Notes

***Profit Manager commercial


Exploring the new technologies to be incorporated into a hog barn

Barrett Ellerhas a long history in the industry and community of the swine industry. His experience started with New Fashion as a Safety Manager, then stepped away for a few years in which he worked for a mining company, and then came back to New Fashion Pork as more of a Human Resources Manager and Operation Improvement Role. Now Barrett is now the Director of Sales for Swine Technologies.


Matthew Rooda SwineTech’s co-founder and CEO, Matthew Rooda, grew up in Iowa as a 4th generation pork producer. Throughout his childhood and young adult life, Matthew would work with his grandfather on the family farm, help his father in large commercial sow farms, and would work for other local pork producers.