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Small Changes for a BIG Impact w/ the Hotrod Farmer

Episode Summary

The HotRod farmer joins us to talk about the 3rd leg of the profitability stool. We focus in on maintaining your fleet of equipment to keep costly in season break downs from happening. Some of the tips the Engine Man shares with us will surprise you. This is all after we explore what's work in AG with Engel Detailing and the value ceramic coating can bring to your farm!

Episode Notes


Reminder about Show formats: Farm4Profit Show has a WWIA segment and general topic, then the following week we have a casual conversation with a celebrity in agriculture while talking about current events.

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What’s Working in Ag: - Engel Detailing – Columbus, NE (Taylor Engel)

Commercial : Flying Ag   (4th of 5)  FARM4PROFIT gets you a free battery

Main Topic : Small changes to make a big difference

HotRod Farmer Intro:

We are extremely pleased to have the “Engine Man” with us today.  Although some may refer to him as the Hot Rod Farmer he is the host of the Idle Chatter Podcast, creator of, and now the host of Machinery Digest Radio!  Ray Bohacz is a sweet corn farmer from Warren County, New Jersey with a knack for writing.  Here today to share with us some of his insight from over 3000 articles written about how paying attention to the 3 legs of the farm profit stool can help you be a more profitable farmer.




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