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Episode Summary

We smash together 4 conversations from the Farm Progress Show. Each are about 20 minutes in length. Geringhoff joins us to relay the latest in harvest technology, then we are joined by Amol at FBN to give great perspective on new resources for farmers. Sukup displays the latest in grain handling technology before we talk with RYSE about their aerial ATV!

Episode Notes

Introduce guest

Who is RYSE Aero Tech?


What is new and exciting at Ryse?

RYSE Aero Technologies Announces The Debut Of The ‘RYSE RECON,’ An Ultralight eVTOL Vehicle.

The RYSE RECON Reimagines The Future of Advanced Aerial Mobility For The Agricultural and Rural Sectors


What is an eVTOL?

RYSE RECON, the company’s first electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) platform.


Where do you see the RECON being used in agriculture and rural America?

Rugged use agriculture, ranching, vineyard, and any place where it would otherwise be difficult to reach

Venturing into untapped markets, such as agronomy, land surveying, agriculture, vineyards, and other rural sectors.


What sets this vehicle apart from others?

Our team has been hard at work designing the most reliable and safest eVTOL vehicle in the ultralight class

● Up to a 25-mile range

● Up to 63 MPH top speed per Part 103 specifications

● The ability to operate on both land and water

● Ability to be easily mass-produced, while maintaining low-cost maintenance

● Operation within the specifications of 14 CFR, Part 103

● Six independent propulsion systems with independent, removable batteries

● Fits into a standard parking space

Lightweight and easy to transport

Cost-effective with little maintenance

Is this available now for our listeners?  When can they get one?

Slated to be delivered to customers in January 2023, 


Can anyone operate one of these?

The patent-pending removable battery and vehicle operation systems were designed to be operated by an individual with minimal training, featuring advanced artificial intelligence and simple control systems.


For more information on RYSE, and to watch our RECON launch videos, go to