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ROI on Drainage Tile - Part 1

Episode Summary

We start off with a catch up conversation with Brody Benton from BW Fusion to learn about what worked in 2021. He also helps us lead into our topic on field drainage tile with the agronomic importance of properly drained soils. Next we introduce you to Joel Hayes and Joel Lange, both tile contractors from Iowa. We pick their brains to learn everything from the basics about tile to the details around return on investment. Listen in and stick with it all the way through!

Episode Notes

Introduction (Recording 12/31) (Airing 1/10)

What’s Working in AG

Our #1 most requested topic – The field tile exploration (Does it always pay?)

We will see how this goes as it might become a multi-part episode

There are more than six million acres of cropland in Iowa where wetness limits productivity. Slightly more than half of the 375 different soils series mapped in Iowa have problems with excess water. The drainage of farmland is obviously important for improving the productivity of Iowa agriculture. Based on the large number of acres susceptible to excessive wetness and the yield response from removing this wetness, farmers and landowners are becoming increasingly interested in drainage. AND that’s just Iowa……..!

The two major methods of farmland drainage are surface drainage where standing water is removed using surface ditches and subsurface drainage where excess water is removed through a system of underground drainage tiles – that is what we are going to focus on

General Questions