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More Profit Per Head (Cattle) w/Balance4Ward

Episode Summary

• Welcome to a Farm4Profit episode This episode is full of mission aligning content. First we start off with AgVisor Pro where you can ask experts from around the county for advise. We then catch up with two guys from Balance4Ward to help you gain the most profit per head out of your cattle operation. Who knows, maybe you'll start feeding cattle after this show!

Episode Notes

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AgVisor Pro Whats working in Ag

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Balance4Ward episode – Profitability in Livestock (Cattle)

BALANCE4WARD Episode Layout, Talking Points

Guests introduce themselves


  1. Who are we? Who do we focus to help?
  2. Cattle feeding management company, focused on helping and creating more opportunities for the mid-market cattlemen
  3. Striving to build a better beef supply chain, for operations looking to get more
  4. Uniqueness about us, we have 3 businesses within our company
  5. B4W feeders, Cattle Business Systems, Custom Solutions
  6. Why are we creditable/our approach?
  7. We do it, we have skin in the game too
  8. Totally transparent on what we are doing in our own operation
  9. Let’s be the best at capturing the most profit per head and not focused on how many cattle can we feed at a time
  10. Cattle Business Systems
  11. What is it? 
  12. Our consultative services is a BIG part of our company. We help with overall operational decision making. Learning when and how to take risk in the cattle market. 
  13. Lots of different tools out there, learning when and how to use each one is the problem. What lever can we pull at any given time in the market
  14. Group of experts/team assembled to help you out, we understand you wear a many different hats, that’s what makes you unique, so how can we assist and bolt onto your operation? 
  15. 18 month windows, we’ve studied what the industry wealth earners are all doing
  16. Staying in cash-to-cash markets is capping our overall opportunity per year, we need to vary our inventory better to take advantage on when the market is low and sell more when the market IS HIGH.
  17. Corn correlation, managing inventories better, let’s separate these as 2 businesses 
  18. Contact us for more information. What are the next steps in learning more about us and what we have to offer?