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Mid-Year Motivational Mashup

Episode Summary

We're all about pushing boundaries and achieving greatness. In this special episode, we're celebrating four years of motivation and inspiration. Join us as we dive into 25-30 clips from leading motivational speakers, including Ed Mylett, Matthew McConahey, and Mel Robbins. Discover the secrets to success, setting bigger goals, developing patience, and embracing the journey. Get ready to be empowered, motivated, and inspired to take control of your life and make a difference. Let's go!

Episode Notes

001-Pre-Show - Opening Clip

Some real shit that you all need to understand. If you want to be the best in whatever you do, you gotta start acting differently than everybody else. If you want the nicest car, the nicest lifestyle, and the nicest partner, the best of everything comes with a price. It comes from grinding through those late nights. It comes from grinding through those early mornings and those exhausting days where your body is telling you to give up. Every day, you are presented with two paths. One path leads to your true potential, it leads to your dreams and goals. And the other path is you staying. The same. Most of you are stuck on the path of staying the same. Stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility.

One of my favorite parts of the meetings and conferences I attend is the motivational speakers with great stories.  In celebration of 4 years of this podcast we wanted to provide you with an episode to reflect on if you ever need a little extra motivation.  We are taking 25-30 clips from tiktok from some of the leading motivational speakers to share with you today.  Listen in, take something to work on, and come back again to grab some more.  Ready to go?!?!

001-Opening Clip

 If you Stay in bed. If you stay on the couch, if you stay in your comfort zone. If you only do what is easy, your life will be hard. But if you do, what is hard, if you get up, if you grind, if you are relentless, if you work as hard as possible when other people are slacking off, your life will be easy.

01-Ed Mylett – Small margin of difference

 The difference between winning and losing in life and everything, and being a great mother and not a great father, and not a great leader, and not wealthy, and not a big business and not making a difference and not is so small, it's almost too scary to talk about. And that small thing. All my life I've been trying to figure out what's the thing, what's the separator? They read one book a month. They read one more. They do 30 minutes on the treadmill. No, they do 30 plus one more. They do 10 reps on the bench. Press no, 10 reps, one more. When you set that standard your entire life, Life begins to shift and change.

01-Setting bigger goals than you imagine helps you hit your true desires/goals

 Raise your standards. One of the most damaging things that any human can do is set low standards and then achieve those standards. I would rather you set your sights, not on the moon, but on the stars, because in the process of shooting for the stars, you will hit the moon guaranteed. But in the process of shooting for the moon, you might completely miss it and hit nothing.

01-Ed Mylett - The road to success will feel painful, but will be worth it in the end

 Let me tell you what comes on the road to success. If recently, at any point in the last 12 months, you've experienced doubt. If you have a lot of fear or anxiety on the road you're on, or if you've experienced those emotions recently about what you're doing, you feeling like an imposter, a give imposter syndrome, like nobody knows. I don't really know what I'm doing. You're on the road that I think you should be on the right road. The road less traveled.

02-Be more than average

 Just want you to remember that average is the enemy. Success is your responsibility, and change can take place in an instant if you are willing to flip the switch.

03-Aggressively working towards a goal you know will take time

 Aggressive patience is a concept where, where you, you work every single day. As hard as you can towards your goal, but you also understand at the same time that it's going to take time. All right? And this is a concept that people get very confused about because you hear people, other people out there say, patience. You gotta be patient, you gotta be patient. And people misinterpret that and think that like that means that they can just chill. Yeah, and their goals will eventually happen, and that's just not the way it works. It's aggressive patients. It's executing day in, it's executing day out. It's executing for weeks, months, years.



03-Something that will help you be patient is developing a love for the journey

 The man who loves walking will walk further than the man who loves the destination. And when you love the journey, the goals just happen. You hit milestones as a side effect, cuz it doesn't matter at that point. I don't care if I can lift this much weight or run this fast. I mean that's cool, but I don't love it as much as I love the journey, I love the journey.  What does the journey consist of? Sucking at something, failing, getting better, learning. Start it over, do it again. When you fall in love with the journey, everything else takes care of itself.

04-Ed Mylett – watch out for those who want to squash your dreams

 Dream big. And protect those dreams. Not everybody wants to see you win. And the reality is, the bigger your dream, the more they want to shit on it. They're gonna be so intimidated because you're gonna have to change and become your higher self. You're gonna have to become different. You're gonna have to have more commitment.  You're gonna have to dedicate more time, and that means more time away from them. And that's why most people are like the crabs in a bucket. They want to pull you down. And they wanna hold you down because they don't want to see you thrive because you are now going to have to disassociate from them. You better set big dreams. You better set big goals, and you better work like a fucking monster to chase those big dreams down and achieve them. Otherwise, you'll have a lifetime of regret.

04-What are the costs of not changing?

 You should be afraid of taking risks and pursuing something meaningful, but you should be more afraid of staying where you are. If it's making you miserable, the clock is ticking, and if you're miserable now and you change nothing in five years, you'll be much more miserable and you'll be a lot older.

07-You control your story and how it gets told after you’ve made it.

 Your hardships, your challenges, your situation will either be the reason you don't make it, or it will be the story you tell when you do make it, and you get to make that choice.

08-MidShow Hype video about getting back to work – wake them back up

 You've made no progress, none. Get back to fucking work. It's time to get back to work. I don't care what you're gonna do, but go out there and make something of yourself for God's sake. Don't make excuses. Don't blame any other person or any other thing. So with your fucking excuse life, one big fucking head game you're losing.

08.1-Matthew McConahey – put in full effort

 Don't half ass it, don't half ass it. Boy, that never goes outta style, does it? I mean, think about it. If you're gonna do something, you've chosen to do something, whatever, it's easy, hard. If you give it your all and you don't half ass it, win, lose, draw. Get what you want, don't get what you want, whatever the outcome is. If you don't half ass it, at least you're not gonna have to wonder, ooh, would the outcome been different? What if I did give it my all?

09-Ed Mylett – Make a difference for your name

 You could be the one in your family to change the trajectory of your bloodline. I'm the one in my family. I'm the one. And it is important for you to take that pen back that people have written in your, your book of life, and realize as many other pages that are blank, that you could start rewriting how the story goes. But you have to give yourself permission first, permission to heal, permission to realize that you're not broken, that you are lovable, you are worthy, that you are capable, you have everything you need. Do. There's not a goddamn thing that someone else has that you don't have.





09-Matt Damon – acceptance and motivation

 One of the most profound things that anybody's ever said to me when he was 20 years old, we started writing goodwill hunting and he said, Hey, judge me for how good my good ideas are, not how bad my bad ideas are. Mm-hmm. And that to me is the most important thing when you embark on a collaborative process with somebody. It's like you gotta get the, the window open to throw every idea in there and, and not be afraid to have ideas. Cuz we all have ideas and sometimes you need to idea and then you iterate on that and they iterate on that and then it. Builds into a good idea, but you have to feel free to express it. That's right. Safe. Exactly. Mm-hmm. 

10-Three traits of successful people

Surperiority complex, feeling they deserve better and massive insecurity, 3rd they had control over their impulses

11-You can ask for help, others can support you

 You gotta change that shit, man. Yeah, but you don't understand my life, David. Yeah, I do. I get that mentality. I once had that mentality that no one understands what the fuck I'm going through. And if you keep that mentality, you're gonna stay in the same exact spot that you're in. You're never alone. Everybody's going through shit. So when people get this mentality of like, you understand me, you can throw a fucking rock to someone that can understand you if they're willing to break themselves down and stop hiding. A lot of people understand you. That's why I tell people a lot of people are going through shit. They just hide. Hide better than you did.

13-You have to be honest with yourself

 If you wanna be the best of the best, if you wanna survive, no matter what happens, if you wanna thrive, no matter what happens, you can't second guess yourself. I can't gamble on you if you're not willing to gamble on yourself. I can't trust you unless you trust yourself. You're asking me to be honest with you, when's the last time you were honest with yourself? There's always a reason. If your business is not thriving, there's a reason. If your relationship is not thriving, there's a reason. And you know what the crazy thing is? Everybody in this room knows exactly what that reason is, but you won't have that honest conversation. You win yourself, but you tell everybody else. Be honest with me. Everybody wants somebody to be honest with 'em until it's time to be honest.

16-Mel Robbins – Retraining your brain – fix your filter 

When you tell your mind what's important to you, there is extraordinary science that proves that your mind has a live and ever-changing filter. A, a live network that changes how it views the world, what it lets in, what it blocks out. And if you program your mind correctly, and if you're clear about what you wanna create, your mind will help you get what you want.

18-We have to get out of the victim mentality

 The easiest thing in the world to do is to complain, blame and quit and settle. That's the easiest thing in the world to do, but it takes real work to deconstruct and to reconstruct the thought process and the mindset of an individual when they're trying to change something. That's why I always say to people, what's more important, what we acquire or who we become?

19-Joe Rogan – Can’t compare yourself to others or to time and age

 Is a really important one cuz people have this idea that somehow I'm 30 years old, I shouldn't be doing this anymore. I'm 50 years old. I should have learned by now. That's all bullshit. Throw that away, toss that aside. You like these ideas of numbers that people have in their head that by a certain age you should br stop. You are alive. And if you are alive, and if you are thinking all those numbers that you keep attaching, will, you know when Einstein was 30 heater? Shut the fuck up. Stop doing that, that that is a waste of your time. And stop saying to yourself, I should be better by now. I'm such a total non helping thought. What you need to think of is life. You're living, you're alive right now. And if you've made a mistake and you're still continuing to learn and grow, that's, that's all. Just data. 



20-Stop Comparing

You can’t compare yourself to someone until you have all the information.  You don’t know what they are going through or where they have been.

22-Gary Vee – surround yourself with good people

 If you start hanging out with people that want you to win, you will have more self-confidence. If someone's telling you you're awesome, instead of you suck, you're a different person.

23-Mel Robbins – Making decisions by how we feel is a dangerous action

95% of our decisions are made by how you feel in the moment, and that is the problem. Do I feel like getting up? No. You don't? No. Do you feel like making that cold call? No. You don't. Do you feel like doing that third set of reps? No, you don't. We make decisions based on our feelings, and that is robbing you of joy and opportunity. If you accept the fact that you may never feel ready and you may never feel motivated, and you may never feel. Confident. You may never feel courageous, and that's okay, but you can still push yourself forward. As you start to see yourself becoming the person that takes action, guess what happens? You build the skill of confidence and courage. 

26- Average people talk solutions

Don’t dwell on the problem, switch your thinking to be focused on the solutions to be successful

27-Be brave in your ability to speak

 I have something to say that you're not saying. If, if you do, then it's your fault. This is your fault, it's your problem. And you might say, well, I'm too afraid to talk. It's like, fair enough. How afraid are you not to talk? You know, people say to me frequently, they compliment me on my bravery, and I think you don't understand. I'm not brave. I don't, I don't like conflict. I'm way more afraid of losing control of my tongue than I am of the consequences of saying what I have to say. Because I know what happens when we allow other people to control our tongues. It's not good.

28- Theo Von – Proud of you statement

 I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you. Cause I know how hard it is to take care of ourselves. That's why I think I was so hard on myself a lot of times. I think because then at least it, it puts it on me, which was the only thing that I felt I could try and rely on anyway.

29- Joe Rogan – Tell someone else what they mean to you – make their day

 Be the person who steps forward, starts it off, makes an action, tell someone how much you care and appreciate them. You can do that. We can all do that, and we've all had it done to us and it feels amazing when someone comes up to you outta nowhere and goes, Hey man, I just wanna tell you, I really appreciate you. I know, I know. Yeah. Sometimes we don't talk to each other that much, but when I do, I really enjoy it.

30- How do we work to change the world?

 I would challenge you guys to realize that the way that we're going to fix the world is not because of a president. It's not because of a media company. It's not because of your social media account. It's gonna be because of you deciding to live a higher standard in all areas of your life. If we want a better world, we have to create a better world for ourselves.  Other people will follow suit, and that's how the world changes. So when you look around the world and you say, my life doesn't matter, I don't matter, actually realize that it's the opposite. Your actions matter the most because your actions are gonna dictate the reality for another human being, and that human being is going to inspire another human being, and that ripple effect cannot be quantified. And we all have a responsibility to contribute to it. So that's my challenge. Be fucking better.