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Livestock Producers' Margin Protection Solutions

Episode Summary

As we explore ways for livestock producers to safeguard their margins, we'll learn about Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) and Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) products and how they work for various operations. Discover how successful farmers and ranchers utilize these tools alongside marketing strategies for optimal results. Learn about accessing these products through the Stockguard Portal and find out if they are suitable for listeners with Pasture/Rangeland/Forage (PRF). We'll also touch on Crop Insurance and discuss its future just a little.

Episode Notes

Livestock Margin Protection

Airing 7/31/23

Tony Latcham is the VP of Risk Management at Stockguard. He merges his unique experience as both a risk management consultant and producer on a 4th generation cow-calf and row crop operation to help other farmers identify and manage unexpected risks. Before joining Stockguard, he worked as an Agricultural banker for 15 years and as the CEO of a bank for five years. He then founded a risk management company, which has been serving farmers and ranchers across the Midwest for the past 13 years. He specializes in a wide range of areas, including financial consulting, market analysis, and risk mitigation.

Jordan Morris is a Senior Risk Management Consultant at Stockguard. He is a first-generation farmer and owner of a feedlot and cow-calf operation in Southeast Iowa. As a Senior Risk Management Consultant, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of market trends and risk management solutions to help his clients meet their goals and secure their investments against unexpected risks.

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