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Introduction to Farm4Profit and the hosts Tanner Winterhof (@IowaBankerman) and David Whitaker (@Iowalandguy). Sharing our mission, vision, and goals while laying out the format for each following episode.

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Show Notes
Introduction episode
Introducing who we are….
Founder, Partner, Organizers of the annual Farm4Profit Conference which in 2019 will be our 6th meeting.
Our meeting started as a local and independently organized annual meeting providing farms and operators of all sizes and experience levels access to the latest trends, projections, and the tools necessary to increase farming profitability. The only thing that has changed is our reach for attendees. They are no traveling from hundreds of miles away to attend.
The Mission of the Farm4Profit Organizers:
To provide Midwest farms and operators an annual, independent, and unbiased outlet for information related to increasing the profitability of their farming operation.
This is why we started the podcast….. our mission to share the information we learn from others more frequently than at an annual conference (which we can’t fit everything we want to say in anyway) and to more people than our e-newsletter subscriber list.
We hope we build up a library of useful recordings for farmers, ranchers, and ag professionals of all kinds to go back and listen to for a long time to come. Whether you are just starting out or looking for ways to make your existing operation more profitability we hope you find value in what we record!
Host background:
Tanner Winterhof – growing up on a farrow to finish hog farm in NW IA with corn and soybeans as row crops. Saw firsthand the struggles and effort it takes to be a farmer/producer and the need to be a continual learner. I had an internship with my parent’s bank and got my first observation of the relationship a lender could have with their farming clients and prospects. This become my passion as I worked to become an agricultural lender. I now have 12 years in banking and am working the job I set out to obtain trying to help by advising clients and prospects of ways to make their operations or businesses more profitable. Now, as we record this agriculture in our area has been through some trying years and I get to witness again firsthand the power of good farm management both through my family, my in-laws, and my customers. My wife and two daughters and I respect agriculture very highly in our lives which is the motivation for trying to grow the material Farm4Profit has available for you.
David Whitaker– originally from Montana and attended college at North Dakota State then moved to Iowa. Married into a family with a cow/calf operation with some of the cattle at his house in Central Iowa. David owns an auction and real estate business helping farmers sell their assets and personal property for the highest dollar/value available.
Provide an overview for what the format will look like
Welcome – Sharing things happening in our lives, things we observed, moments in time.
Answer listener questions, go to the “mail bag”, and provide insight – we prefer submitted audio to share.
What’s working for Ag – listener and/or farmer feedback
Try to pick up tips from coffee shop talk
Attack our topic of the week – we will include interviews with experts
Topics with explanation
Tips from those who have expertise and experience
Examples of ways to implement in your farm or business
Summarize and give application challenges
Sneak Peek at future topics and share how to submit questions
Share Conference updates and closing
Share ways to contact us and encourage involvement – leave a recording
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@IowaLandGuy - David
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