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Improve/Rehab Livestock Facilities

Episode Summary

Nick from Integrity Builders and Supply swings in to help us get clarity on all the ways we can rehabilitate older livestock facilities. We all know the cost of building new has skyrocketed, so one way to boost profitability is to rehab existing structures.

Episode Notes

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Nick Stellern – Service Manager at Integrity Builders & Supply – he’s been with Integrity for 10 years.


  1. Rehab TV shows are all the rage…..Time to turn it to agriculture
  2. Remind us who is Integrity Builders & Supply? 
  3. You’re an Iowa company – we see a lot of your new construction projects. 
  4. Do you also you do more than just build new barns for farmers-
  5. When someone is driving thru the countryside – and we’re looking at all of these hog buildings. Are they the same on the inside? (talking about the different types of barns Integrity works on finishing barns – sow units – pig nurseries – cattle barns – turkey buildings)
  6. What can be different?
  7. Does this change the contract amount for the owner?
  8. A lot of hog buildings throughout Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota that have been in production for 10 -20 years. Producers are updating contracts. 
  9. Let’s talk about remodeling livestock barns to update technology and components. How little or how much do you do for pork producers at Integrity?
  10. How do you know how much needs replaced? 
  11. Remodeling gating – feed lines – curtains – controllers – rebuilding end walls – new roofs 
  12. Can do you this in phases?
  13. What kind of costs could a listener be looking at?  - per space cost?
  14. What about a building that has been affected by a natural disaster?
  15. Hog buildings are unfortunately no different than houses and catastrophes happen – fires – storms – do you help farmers get them thru natural disasters/
  16. What are the benefits of working with a company that has a construction department – full service team – parts warehouse for livestock farmers –?
  17. Being with Integrity for 10 years – what are the changes in the pork industry you’ve seen to help keep pigs healthy and living comfortably?
  18. How far do you guys go to work on hog buildings?
  19. Winter is coming here in the Midwest – as a guy in barns almost every day – what do you want farmers checking or doing right now on their hog buildings?
  20. What’s the best advice you have ever been given?