Farm4Profit Podcast

High Yields, Plant Food, and Direct Sale Beef w/ Kelly Garrett

Episode Summary

Kelly Garrett is looked up to by many for his exploratory approach to maximizing the yields of his crops each season. Listen in to hear what Kelly has been working on and what he is looking forward to trying next year!

Episode Notes


For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a farmer. When I graduated

from high school I went to Iowa State. I wasn’t sure if there would be room for me on the farm. College lasted 3 semesters. I didn’t like being indoors tied to a book. So I worked building houses, then for a commercial insulation company until Spring of 1998, I got my chance to farm.


Being invited to be part of a community like XtremeAg is an honor for me. I think the other members represent some of the best farmers from around the country, and I am truly humbled to be part of this. XtremeAg to me is real farmers sharing and collaborating their experiences with others in an honest and unbiased environment.


1. Top iowa yield champion multiple years

               early beans

               products to use



               what else?

2. His new farm to table beef 

               Where did this idea come from

               How do you have time to take on more things

               What have you learned along the way

3. Extreme ag 

               What do you gain the most from this group?

               Why is it important to work with peers like this?

               Is this for everybody?

4. Trucking business/plant food

               How did you get into this

               What opportunities has this provided you?

5. Sukup bins

               Does he have any?


Maybe mention his health journey too?

               Why is it important to focus on personal health

               What are some of his key focuses?