Farm4Profit Podcast

Hayes Family Transition Plan w/ Elaine Froese

Episode Summary

Succession Planning or Transition Planning, no matter what you call it, never is easy to do. Listen in as our expert Elaine Froese works through a live discussion with the Hayes Family. From Central Iowa the Father and 3 sons work through the first steps towards putting a plan in place to transition their farm to the next generation.

Episode Notes

Dick Wittman – Getting out of the way without going away.

Youtube Podcast – Two Economists and a Lender: The Economics of Family living.

 These items I will put in a folder of tools that hopefully you can link to the podcast.

Dick Wittman – Compensation worksheet

Dr. Baker for Iowa State University, the ultimate decision maker

Conflict dynamic profile questionnaire sample report and guide

Back of card – Binder Tabs

Emotional Blackmail by Susan Forward

Lance Woodbury  Ask him for his newsletter.

Dick Wittman –

Chris Delaney – The Naked Opus

Finding fairness in farm transition with Elaine Froese

Deri Latimer – Not Crazy – Just Human

Dick Wittman – Family Business Questionnaire, cannot give this out.

Stephan Poulter – Father Factor

PSI – Personal Style Assessment – CRG Leader Group

Randy Alcorn– Time Money and Eternity and Possessions

INlaws link – Webinar on Farming’s In-Law Factor is June 11.

Tool from psychologist or contact info   Dr. Moira Somers Financial Psychologist

Elaine’s contact information

Building your farm legacy – audio book  by Elaine Froese at