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Future of Agriculture Crossover

Episode Summary

We had a great opportunity to host Tim Hammerich from the Future of Agriculture Podcast on this episode. We talk with him about a few companies blazing the trails that lead to boosted profitability in the future. All this is discussed after talking to Bodie Kitchel of Next Level Ag and learning about how your soils can be viewed differently.

Episode Notes

Future of Ag CrossOver


What’s Working in AG – Next Level Ag – Understanding what is going on in your field


Main Topic – Future of Ag (Crossover)

Tim Hammerich  is a former National FFA President and a graduate of the University of California, Davis with a degree in Crop Science and Management. He also completed the Masters of Agribusiness program at Kansas State University. Tim spent the first eight years of his career as an agricultural commodity trader and manager, where he developed a background in trading, management, sales, strategy, business development and risk management. He and his family reside in Eagle, Idaho. 

Tim was one of the founders of AgGrad and is now the Senior Director of Strategic Communications for Congent Consulting.  He is also someone I would consider a mentor and friend, but the main reason he is with us today is…. He’s the host of the Future of Agriculture Podcast.  This show explores the people, companies, and ideas shaping the future of agribusiness and what is what we want to explore today – the future!