Farm4Profit Podcast

Farm4Fun w/ Not Quite Brothers Featuring Dogfish Head Brewery, the Election, and What We Aren't Good At

Episode Summary

Corey, David, and Tanner sit down with Cooper, Sam, and Ben of Not Quite Brothers. We learn all about their band's journey, enjoy great beer, and catch up on current events: Election, Racing to be done first, FFA businesses, and more!

Episode Notes

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o Hank Wade. @Henry68157

o Long day in the tractor today? Trying to hide from the wife

till she actually calms down? Why not give these guys and

gal and listen.... pretty good show!!!!!

 Drinking Game - Word is Election

o All about Not Quite Brothers Band


o How did you get started?

 Twins?

o How many shows a year?

 COVID hurting this?

 Favorite venue to play

 Dream venue to play

 What makes a gig fun or good?

o Favorite song all time to play/sing

o Where can people find your music?

o How do people get a hold of you for reservations?

 Next shows:


 Harvest progress

 Tim Hammerich posted about moderating zoom chats for the FFA

convention. A couple of the new businesses being presented were:

o Custom garden planting

 I could use harvesting

o Forensic entomology research (WTF)

o Sunflower Field for Pictures

o Floral Therapy

 It’s not a f-ing race – Corey’s Rant

o What about a post-harvest Tweet-Up?

 David willing to host?