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Farm4Fun w/ Nick Hansen

Episode Summary

Nothing like brining in a friend and fan of the podcast for a great episode to enjoy during harvest. With young love in the air the hosts try to share some marriage advice with Nick Hansen. Listen in and have some #Farm4Fun with us!

Episode Notes

Nick Hansen


Marriage advice

Never leave the house without saying goodbye.

Keep your spouse’s secrets—no matter how small.

When bringing up a complaint or criticism, start with a compliment first.

Split the household chores evenly.

Change things up to avoid boredom.

Don’t ever stop going on dates.

But make certain topics off-limits during date night.

Don’t try to change your spouse.

Understand that love changes over time—and embrace that change.

Leave little love notes around the house for your spouse to find.

And spend some quality time apart, too.

Remember to thank your spouse, even for the little things.