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Farm4Fun w/ Hay4Days

Episode Summary

One of the perks of being a podcast host is getting to talk to innovators and leaders in the industry. This episode takes your down the path to practical ingenuity to solve the age old problem of reliability.

Episode Notes

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Hay4Days – Tim or Jim -– tiktok 19,600

Dumas/Stinnett Texas – North of Amarillo – Texas Pan Handle

Are you a farmer?

Does he farm with family? – have a family?

The Hay – Baling business

            Run terragators both Big “A” style and floater style – Why? Who’s idea? Do it yourself? What did it cost?

            Bale large squares and even larger round bales (9x9) – how do you move them? Custom netwrap? Weight?

Does the single front tire cause issues while baling?

            Bale grinding business too

How many bales in a year?

            Hard to find help?

            How far do you travel?

            Do you mow/cut also?

                        What’s the Vogel custom built swather?

                        What all crops do they handle?


Weather in their area this year?

Why get started on Tiktok? – has it helped with any business?

Are they on other platforms?


Start – Bench – Cut from the team

In the cab (hot lunch, cold drink, shop rags)

Weather (wind, heat, humidity)

Nice meal (Steak, Pork Chop, Stuffed Chicken Breast)

Utensil (knife, fork, spoon)


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?