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Farm4Fun w/ Ag With Emma

Episode Summary

Emma Seamons also known as Ag with Emma or the acre girl swings into the studio for an awesome conversation. We learn about her journey to where she has gotten now and more importantly learn about where she is headed next! Listen in to find out!

Episode Notes

Airing 11/17/22

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Emma – Ag With Emma.   101.1k on tiktok.  16.3k YouTube subs.    95k Instagram.  7.6k facebook. 12.4k twitter

Who is she? What’s her tie to Ag? – the Acre Gal

Where she is from?

Job experiences – farm tours – cool places she has been – nexat

What’s next?


Her desire to grow her social media platforms

Which social platform did you get started on first?

Which ones are your favorite?

Any weird or crazy interactions from social media? Creepers?

What is your “game” or “goal”on tiktok? 

Why are people so mean to each other?

            Have you found more that are pleasant?


What makes you angry? – pet peeve
What makes you happy?

What is one of the most memorable conversations you have ever had?

If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?


What are your hobbies?

Do you unpack right after returning from a trip or no?

Do you call it supper or dinner?

What is a girly thing that you actually like?

What is a manly thing that you actually like?

Is there something that interests you, but no one else seems to care about it?

What do you want to know about us?


Would you rather

Would you rather time-travel 10 years into the future or 100 year into the past?

Would you rather lose your hearing or vision?

Would you rather be able to speak any language fluently or speak with animals?

Would you rather have your boss or your parents look through the photos on your phone?


What’s the best advice you have every been given?