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Farm4Fun w/ Cranberry Chats!

Episode Summary

Amber from Cranberry Chats swings in to school us on all things cranberries! She's a Wisconsin cranberry grower for Ocean Spray with a great sense of humor. Listen in and enjoy this episode more than cranberry sauce!

Episode Notes

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Amber @cranberrychatsInstagram 19.7k.    “The Blonde behind the berries”


100 year old cranberry farm – she’s 5th generation – 230 acres.   How much of the family is involved?

She married? Have kids? Does her husband have a farming background?

Did she go straight back to the farm?

Farmer Owned cooperative for Ocean Spray

Where do their cranberries go?

How does growing that crop go? – plant to harvest

Is the equipment expensive?

Can you grow cranberries anywhere?

Do you have to “rotate” crops

How are they trying to do this more sustainabily?

We just missed Thanksgiving but what is her fav cranberry dish?


Had a dream of working in Major League Baseball….doing what?

If she wasn’t farming now what would she be doing?


Forward farming podcast. – cranberries to cows and everything inbetween

Co-host Becca Hilby “Hot Mess Express”

Does she have a desire to grow her social media platforms and/or podcast?

Which social platforms is she on? Which did she get started on first?

What makes you angry? – pet peeve
What makes you happy?

What are your hobbies?

Is there something that interests you, but no one else seems to care about it?

What do you want to know about us?


Extra questions on paper if needed…….What does she want for Christmas?


What’s the best advice you have every been given?