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Farm4Fun - Fenceline Beer Lab w/ Corey Hillebo, Backyard Chickens and More

Episode Summary

Co-Hosts Tanner and David are joined by local farmer and friend Corey Hillebo. Corey shares his idea for a laid back podcast format that includes sampling beverages from breweries, distilleries, and wineries all closely connected to AG. Check out our review of Fenceline Beer Lab in this episode.

Episode Notes @FencelineBeer

Pickett Cream Ale

Double Kickback Double IPA

Plortercale Ale

Pink Denim

Backyard farms – chickens, pigs, calves……

What happens when they die, too much work, fences break, manure needs hauled?

Free Range chickens like Hawaii?  Dogs and cats like China?

Burgers on the fly – food delivery services.  How far can delivery go? Packages, food, medical, booze, etc….

Advice you’d like to give someone in their 20’s….. (ask each guest)

“When She Asks You”  What do farmers think about in the cab, during the day, in isolation   (ask each guest)