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Farm4Fun - Celebrating 100 Years of the John Deere Model "D"

Episode Summary

Joining us are two distinguished guests: Chris Boyens, manager of the Classic Green Collectors Club, and Hans Knutson, owner of a remarkable display tractor. We'll dive into the Classic Green Collectors Club's mission of preserving and celebrating vintage John Deere tractors, uncovering its origins and pivotal role in uniting enthusiasts. Then, prepare to be transported to the early 20th century as we explore the John Deere Model "D" Tractor, a game-changer in agricultural history. Discover the technological marvels, societal impacts, and the lasting legacy of this iconic machine. Plus, we'll discuss the broader world of John Deere tractors, their collector communities, and the art of restoration.

Episode Notes

Chris Boyens – manger of the Classic Green Collectors club

Hans Knutson (owner of display tractor)

Origins and Development of the John Deere Model "D" Tractor

Technological Innovations and Features

Cultural and Societal Implications

Legacy and Evolution

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