Farm4Profit Podcast

Fall Ag Technology Update

Episode Summary

We stuff 4 great conversations into this episode. We start with Cart Ace from Ag Leader. Then we talk lasers with the Bird Control Group, drones, and waste oil heaters to wrap up the episode.

Episode Notes

The listener review today is brought to you by Ag Leader Precision Farming Technology Designed To Help You Plan, Plant, Apply & Harvest. Make Your Operation Efficient And Profitable As Possible With Our Technology. 




Cartace by Ag Leader

What is CartAce?

How does CartAce work?

Is this a fully autonomous grain cart?

Can you run this program with multiple grain carts and combines?

What other benefits are there when using this program?

Does this program connect with anything that allows me to watch progress while I’m not in the field?

Anything that we missed?

What exciting new projects is AgLeader working on to help farmers be more efficient?