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F4F - Royce Johns - Thank You Kindly

Episode Summary

We catch up with the talented @roycejohnsmusic, an Iowa native with a passion for music and farming. As a husband, father, and singer/songwriter, he's graced the stage with renowned artists and released two records. Tune in to hear about his musical journey, goals, and use of social media for branding. Stay tuned to find out what's next for @roycejohnsmusic and how you, as listeners, can support his journey. Let's get started on this fantastic episode!

Episode Notes

@roycejohnsmusic     Instagram 2.7k    Facebook 31k   YouTube _____   Twitter ____



Would you rather: 


Word Association

Ocean                         Coffee                         Lion                             Dance

Adventure                   Book                            Butterfly                       Camera

Serenade                    Laughter                      Farm                           Unknown



What would you go back and tell yourself and age 18?