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F4F - Joy VanWyngarden - Outdoors: Farming & Hunting

Episode Summary

Today, we dive into the fascinating world of agriculture and social media with a remarkable guest - @joyvanwydgarden. With an impressive following on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, she's an Iowa native and ag enthusiast with a unique farming background. We'll learn about her farming journey, her family's involvement, and her love for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. Discover her passion for holistic health and wellness, as she shares her experience training to become a yoga instructor and her unique post-workout meal choice.

Episode Notes

@joyvanwydgarden                Instagram: 16.3k   TikTok: 146.0k    YouTube: 35___ 



Word association - Take the word we share and say the first thing thing that comes to mind connecting it to agriculture




What would you go back and tell yourself at age 18?