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F4F - Cory Book - West Central TX Farmer

Episode Summary

Get ready to dive into the heart of West Central Texas farming as we catch up with Cory Book. Discover how this farming family got their roots, from cattle to cotton, wheat to hay, and more. Find out how they navigate weather challenges and the exciting world of H2a Labor. Great stories about his recent journeys and the best parts of being part of the ag community. And don't miss out on some ag word origins that'll leave you amazed!

Episode Notes

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What would you go back and tell yourself at age 18? 


Ag word origins

Acre- referred to the amount of land a team of oxen could plow in one day

bumper crop- In the mid sixteenth century we also see the adjective bumping genitals with the sense

of growing in size. So, it’s no surprise that bumper would acquire the sense of abundance or

greatness in size. By the mid eighteenth century we get this note of bumper

being used in colloquial speech in exactly this sense

balls to the wall - The balls in question are the round caps on the

throttle of many aircraft, and when they are pushed all the way forward, close

to the front wall of the cockpit, the aircraft is generating maximum thrust.

Corn Night - The night before Halloween, 30 October, is traditionally a night

when children and teens play pranks, such as smashing pumpkins, throwing

eggs, toilet papering trees, and the like.


Word association


Element                       Water                          Kitchen                        Rubber                        Plain

                        “E”                        Deck                                   Visitor                          Road                   Religion

High School                Prom                           Package                      Wet