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Discovering the ROI of Grain Storage

Episode Summary

Breanna Beals jumps on during the National Farm Machinery Show to share her expertise on the return on investment potential from grain storage. She works everyday to help find cost effective solutions for farmers looking to build or improve their on farm grain storage. We travel through and discuss many options, so listen in!

Episode Notes

If shiny new grain bins seem to be growing like corn in July on local farms, your eyes are not deceiving you. Numerous reasons exist for a farm operation to add grain storage to its holdings — reasons that affect long-term profitability. “But just like any other strategy, it’s a tool that can help diversify your risk. I’m not suggesting that farmers store all their grain, but maybe store a certain percentage of it, so that it aligns with your bias of the market and what your cash flow needs are.”

What are ways for farmers to store grain?

Why Store Grain? -Advantages begin right at harvest.

ROI and Recouping Investment

Can I afford to build it? OR How can I afford not to?

Investment in Quality


Additional Comments?


What Does Success Look like to you?