Farm4Profit Podcast

Digging Deeper into Drainage Tile

Episode Summary

We start off learning about the Geringhoff Adaptive Flex Technology with Craig Lee. Then we dive deeper into field drainage tile with Randy the Master Pipe Layer and his tag along Zach Johnson. We explore installation methods, the inflation effect on land values, proper maintenance and more!

Episode Notes

Introduction (Recording 1/10) (Airing 1/24)

What’s Working in AG (Geringhoff)

PART 2 of Our #1 most requested topic – The field tile exploration (Does it always pay?)

We will see how this goes as it might become a multi-part episode

2nd show – Randy Nessman - master pipe layer

Randy manages a drain tile company currently after working in dairy farming, custom harvesting, spraying, fertilizing, and even building grain handling equipment.  At 19 years old, he joined the local fire department. Giving back to his community is second nature to Randy. Randy relies on this variety of experience when he co-hosts "Off The Husk", a podcast started in October of 2019 with a mission to become a national voice for agriculture. When he’s not working, he spends time with his wife and two boys.

figure 2 subsurface draining systems