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Chasing Carbon Credits

Episode Summary

Tanner and David start off by reflecting on the TBF Fundraising auction/meeting and how networking is essential to being a successful farmer. They are then joined by Ben Gordon the Carbon and Ecosystem Service Portfolio leader at Corteva. We explore the current status of carbon credits and learn where they might be headed. Listen in to learn more!

Episode Notes

What’s Working in AG – Why Networking Works

General Topic – Carbon Credits

Introduce Guest

Buzz words for sure flying all over Ag Twitter and FarmTok. Carbon Credits – the modern day gold rush. US farmers can now get paid for removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere by storing it in their soil. 

What’s in it for me, the farmer?

How does my farm qualify?

Why is it only farms that have changed a practice that qualify?

What do we need to prove this?

Do you think this is going to take off?

Do you see us being able to stack multiple outcome payments? 

Who are the major players buying these carbon credits?

Is this like a cable TV contract that I can’t get out of?

o   Burger King only wanting lemon grass fed cattle

o   Chipotle cage free chickens

o   Future companies only wanting from farmers in this program?

Since this sounds like a lot of work, are there any solutions that make this simple for our listeners?

How do you know which program to trust?

What are the risks?

Is there a cost to the farmer to work with Granular?


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