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Benefits of Rolling Soybeans

Episode Summary

We share our last audio files from the National Farm Machinery Show. This is a conversation with Hans from Brandt about their new and improved DXT grain carts. We then talk at length with Jason Webster of Precision Planting about the benefits of rolling your soybean crop.

Episode Notes

The listener review today is brought to you by Sukup Manufacturing - Sukup has held more than 100 U.S. patents, and continues finding ways to make grain storage, drying, and handling more safe, profitable and efficient for farmers and the agricultural industry.

Cody V – E-mail ….Idk how to comment through Google podcasts but love the podcast, I like incorporating info and entertainment in one it works well!


Provide overview of WWIA w/ Brandt and rolling beans topic with Precision Planting – Jason Webster


   BW Fusion. They are combining best-in-class products along with BW 365 soil / tissue program, provides growers the tools and resources necessary to identify limiting factors and address them accordingly in real-time with results-focused interventions, to maximize yield potential and ROI.


To be inserted after What’s working in AG

What’s Working in AG – Brandt recorded at the NFMS


General topic – Benefits of rolling Beans with Jason Webster from Precision