Farm4Profit Podcast

Alternative Income from Your Land

Episode Summary

We attack 4 different ways to get more income or revenue from the land that you own. First we talk with Harvest Hosts about allowing campers to stay on your property. We then talk with Base Camp Leasing about leasing out hunting rights to your property. Lastly, we catch the details behind hosting wind and solar energy projects on your land.

Episode Notes

Guest – CEO Joel Holland

Joel is a technology entrepreneur, and his wife is a veterinarian. They are avid RVers based out of Vail, Colorado. After hundreds of nights spent RVing through all 48 lower States, his biggest gripe was the lack of unique RV overnight experiences. They then joined Harvest Hosts, and after staying at incredible locations from wineries to alpaca farms, it changed their RV lives. In 2018 they purchased Harvest Hosts from the original founders, Don and Kim Greene.


What is Harvest Hosts?

What are the requirements for joining the program

How does this help our listeners who own property make more profit or generate another source of income?

What are other benefits to the land owners?


What about concerns for hosts over the type of or quality of the guests coming to stay?





Guest - Sean Ferbrache - Chief Operating Officer - Officer at American Hunting Lease Association

Sean is the Chief Operating Officer for the American Hunting Lease Association and has served in that role for over 8 years. The AHLA is the trade association for the hunting lease industry and advocates for recreational access to private land all over.  He also worked in Indiana as an agent for Base Camp Leasing helping hunters secure access to private farms.  Sean hunts/fishes in multiple states every year on both private and public ground and regularly advises landowners on methods to improve the land ownership experience and hopefully add some revenue at the same time.             

Prior to leading the AHLA, he was a career Indianapolis firefighter for 26 years. Sean and his wife live in Indianapolis and spend as much time as possible outside hiking, camping and traveling.


Who is Base Camp Leasing?













Al Zeitz - Manager of Renewable Energy Services at Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative


Al has a career of experience working in the wind and solar industry, let’s have us tell us about the various positions he has held.