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Welcome to the "Redstar and Agronomy 2024 Conversation" podcast episode. In this episode, we have Ryan and Kristin Mullenhoff, owners of REDSTAR, sharing their journey from starting a small seed corn business to becoming a leading agronomy partner. They discuss the early days, the success of REDSTAR Fertilizer, company growth, unique aspects of their brand, and valuable advice for farmers. Tune in to gain insights on maximizing crop potential and overcoming agronomic challenges. Stay tuned till the end for their contact information. Let's dive in!

Episode Notes

Redstar and Agronomy 2024 Conversation

Bio~Ryan & Kristin Mullenhoff / Owners

Ryan and Kristin were born and raised on farms near Leigh, NE, in 2004, they started a small seed corn and soybean business. They welcomed their only child, a son Jackson Charles in May of 2005. Over the next couple of years, they quickly found this "short-term" opportunity to become their forever future. 

In 2010, they added fertilizer and a list of other services prompting them to change their name to Ryan Mullenhoff Sales, LLC. Over the next couple years their fertilizer sales thrived and in 2018 they developed and branded their own line of low-salt starters called REDSTAR Fertilizer. They expanded in to other states. To better reflect their company, Ryan and Kristin officially changed their name to REDSTAR, LLC in 2020. 

After realizing the success of REDSTAR Fertilizer, Ryan and Kristin expanded their branded line to include Biologicals, Seed Treatments, Amino Acids, Adjuvants and more.In 2023 they introduced a third division of REDSTAR called REDSTAR Branded. 


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